Save Rural Health

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Save Rural Health!

Dear [Elected Official]:

The Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the American healthcare system.  The reports of full ICUs, ventilator shortages, and overflowing morgues are leading hospitals to or past the breaking point with exhausted staff and resources.

Our rural communities are in even greater jeopardy.  If they are fortunate to have a hospital cuts in elective medical procedures, and preparation for Covid-19 patients have left these hospiitals with shortfalls they may not be able to make up.

Many of these rural hospitals, as a result, are finding themselves in an extremely precarious financial position with the very real possibility of needing to close in the near future.

The loss of healthcare resources at a time when an oncoming surge of very sick patients may be imminent would be disastrous.  Death from COVID infection is already much too high, but to lose American lives because hospitals are closing during this crisis would be tragic.

What are you doing to ensure rural hospitals do not close and that there is sufficient emergency funding for our rural hospitals?

- Your Name

Save Rural Health is a coalition of health professionals, public health advocates and citizens.

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