Save Rural Health

Join the Physicians' and Health Care Professionals' Letter to Congress on Behalf of Rural Communities

Join Dr. Joseph Tito, MD Chief of Surgery at Healdsburg District Hospital's letter to Congress on behalf of rural communities and their hospitals.

Dear [Federal Elected Official]:

As you are well aware, the current Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc with the American healthcare system. The reports of full ICUs, ventilator shortages, and overflowing morgues have made a previously stable landscape look like something out of a bad Hollywood movie. Many hospitals are at or past the breaking point with exhausted staff and resources.

I would like to point out a perhaps lesser-known effect of this pandemic on rural hospitals.

Since the beginning of shelter in place orders and lockdowns, many smaller hospitals in rural areas that are less affected by COVID have essentially shut down in order to be at peak readiness for any oncoming surge of patients. Hospitals like Healdsburg District Hospital are small critical access hospitals that depend greatly on the normal flow of patients to elective surgery, outpatient primary care, work health, wound care, and occupational medicine. This flow of patients has effectively ceased. Even the Emergency Rooms are much less busy as patients are fearful of coming in for non-COVID type of illness for fear of becoming infected.

As a result, these hospitals finds themselves in an extremely precarious financial position with the very real possibility of needing to close in the near future. This is not the typical “we need to cut corners” type of financial shortfall. It is an existential threat. In our case, we have already “tightened our belt” substantially with many furloughs of employees and staff and physicians electing to work for no pay until the crisis passes. Even so, we have very little time left before all cash reserves are depleted.

Obviously this is not the only rural hospital in this situation and it is equally obvious that the loss of these healthcare resources at a time when an oncoming surge of very sick patients may be imminent would be disastrous. Death from COVID infection is already much too high, but to lose American lives because hospitals are closing during this crisis would be tragic.

Our hospitals want to stay open.
Our hospitals want to care for our community.
Our hospitals want to be ready for the pandemic surge.

We would ask that you give serious consideration to providing emergency funding for our hospital and others in this situation.


Joseph Tito, MD
Chief of Surgery
Healdsburg District Hospital

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CRNA Alex Clark, (Healdsburg)
Dr. James Lincoln, Anesthesiologist (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Tom Kaiser, Catdiology (Healdsburg)
Dr. Andrew Rogers, Chief of orthopedics (Raynham)
Dr. Ed West, Chief of Staff (Santa Rosa)
Dr. William Miller, Chief of Staff (Fort Bragg)
Dr. Laura Kimbro, DO (Windsor)
Dr. Bruce Deas, Doctor (Healdsburg)
Dr. D. Mills Matheson, Doctor (Willits)
Dr. Karolin Reed, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Kathleen Hoye, Doctor (Taunton)
Dr. Michael Prasto, Doctor (Newtown)
Dr. Rachel Hoyal, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Robert Moglia, Doctor (Fly Creek)
Dr. Sue Castleman, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Swati Singh, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr. James Pretorius, Hospitalist (Potter Valley)
Dr. Robert Schulman, Owner (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Christopher Press, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Dan Lightfoot, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Elsa Washburn, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Gerry Lazzareschi, Physician (Healdsburg)
Dr. Jillian Tatum, Physician (Willits)
Dr. Kathleen Whisman, Physician (Healdsburg)
Dr. Michael Bollinger, Physician (Sebastopol)
Dr. Michael Sweeney, physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr. Walt Maack, Physician (Healdsburg)
Dr. Zoe Berna, Physician (Fort Bragg)
Dr. Michael A Crowey, Physician Anesthesiologist (Las Vegas)
Dr. Misty Zelk, (Sebastopol)
Dr.. Andrew Maynard, Anesthesiologist (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Fred Romberg, Anesthesiologist (Windsor)
Dr.. William Kinane, Anesthesiologist (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Edward Wang, Assistant Director (Larkspur)
Dr.. Stephen O'Donnell, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology (Shelburne)
Dr.. Deborah Madansky, Behavioral/Developmental Pediatrician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Michael McConnell, Cardiologist (Los Altos Hills)
Dr.. Richard Andolsen, Chairman Quality Committee (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Joseph Mannino, Chief of Surgery (Trumansburg)
Dr.. Pam Everson, Dentist (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Un Tam, Dentist (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Kathleen Andersen, Director - SSU Student Health Center (Rohnert Park)
Dr.. Holly Andersen, Director of Education & Outreach (New York)
Dr.. Mytrang Le, Director Of pharmacy (Elk Grove)
Dr.. Alexander Iezza, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Alice Tse, Doctor (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Andrew Karozos, Doctor (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Anna Vouros, Doctor (Boston)
Dr.. Armelia Sani, Doctor (La Jolla)
Dr.. Bruce Andich, Doctor (Willits)
Dr.. Catherine Gutfreund, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Daniel Sullivan, Doctor (San Francisco)
Dr.. David Carbonell, Doctor (San Rafael)
Dr.. David Galland, Doctor (Greenbrae)
Dr.. David Quenelle, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Douglas Pile, Doctor (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Ebenezer Babalola, Doctor (Grapevine)
Dr.. Harry Phillips, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Hong Luo, Doctor (Sebastopol)
Dr.. James Carroll, Doctor (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Jeffrey Kuhn, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Jennifer Betts, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Jeremiah Dawson, Doctor (Willits)
Dr.. Kseniya Shvachko, Doctor (Rohnert Park)
Dr.. Lance Barlas, Doctor (Petaluma)
Dr.. Lisa Velasquez, Doctor (Petaluma)
Dr.. Maulin Vora, Doctor (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Nancy Davidson, Doctor (Penngrove)
Dr.. Patricia Decker, Doctor (Napa)
Dr.. Peter Santalucia, Doctor (Hamburg)
Dr.. Raquel Volney, Doctor (Kingston)
Dr.. Robert Pousman, Doctor (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Robert Werra, Doctor (Ukiah)
Dr.. Shelley Brand, Doctor (Chattanooga)
Dr.. Thomas Neal, Doctor (Healdsburg)
Dr.. David Anderson, Doctor, retired (Geyserville)
Dr.. Donna Schafer, Executive Director (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Jordan Rose, Family Nurse Practitioner (Windsor)
Dr.. James Topper, Investor (Cupertino)
Dr.. Charles Robert Pettit, M.D. (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Daciana Iancu, Md (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Sabrina Kidd, MD (Petaluma)
Dr.. Thomas Yatteau, MD (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Michael Hannon, Orthopedic Surgeon (Beverly Hills)
Dr.. Luther Cobb, Past President (Eureka)
Dr.. Brent Morris, Pediatrician (Signal Mountain)
Dr.. Staci Dahl, Pharmacist (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Anisa Durand, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Audra Lehman, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Carol Ahern, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Cary Wheeler, Physician (Cloverdale)
Dr.. Chad Krilich, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Daniel Brenner, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Daniel Rose, Physician (Healdsburg)
Dr.. David Gonzales, Physician (Ontario)
Dr.. David Lightfoot, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Dilip Suryavanshi, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Emily Conway, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Eric Culbertson, Physician (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Gary Johanson, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Gary Mishkin, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Howard Stein, Physician (Junction City)
Dr.. James Shubin, Physician (Sebastopol)
Dr.. Jennifer Lee, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Joanna Nigrelli, Physician (Grayling)
Dr.. Joseph Tito, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Judy Widger, Physician (Windsor)
Dr.. Karen Gelphman, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Kathleen Whisman, Physician (Sebastopol)
Dr.. Locke Wilson, Physician (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Martin Gross, Physician (Lakeville)
Dr.. Melanie Kates, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Olga Marat, Physician (Forestville)
Dr.. Paul Marguglio, Physician (Healdsburg)
Dr.. Phyllis Senter, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Ralph Rynes, Physician (Columbia)
Dr.. Richard Powers, Physician (Sebastopol)
Dr.. Robert Brochin, Physician (New York)
Dr.. Robert Sepersky, Physician (Bonita Springs)
Dr.. Roberta Berg, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Roger Pitzen, Physician (Sebastopol)
Dr.. Shawn Wanbli Franklin, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Shea Aiken, Physician (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Stefano Carpenetti, Physician (Lock Haven)
Dr.. Steve Mertens, Physician (Sebastopol)
Dr.. Tedd Dawson, Physician (Willits)
Dr.. Kimberly Faucher, President (Willits)
Dr.. Peter Deane, Principal Investigator (Rochester)
Dr.. Leslie Lichtenstein, psychologist (Los Angeles)
Dr.. Anna Paulsson, Radiation Oncologist (Petaluma)
Dr.. Myer Bornstein, Retired (Taunton)
Dr.. James Bollinger, Scientist (New Orleans)
Dr.. William Kivett, Surgeon (Windsor)
Dr.. Panna Lossy, Ucsf clinical faculty (Cotati)
Dr.. Elizabeth Tito, (Santa Rosa)
Dr.. Robert White, (Napa)
Miss Christina Clayton, Administrator (Santa Rosa)
Miss Silvana Sahakian, Administrator (Glendale)
Miss Kacy Wilson, CRNA (Nashville)
Miss Samantha Doyle, Director (Guerneville)
Miss Daniella Ordaz, ER Clerk (Healdsburg)
Miss Karissa Moreno, Executive Director (Santa Rosa)
Miss Kendra Weeks, Farmer (Santa Rosa)
Miss Kemola Jones, Medical Staff Admin (Santa Rosa)
Miss Sandra Alvarez, Office Manager (Windsor)
Miss Panathda Bayrasy, Pharmacist (Santa Rosa)
Miss Nancy B Walker, President (Hopland)
Miss Sandra Nieto, Professor (Healdsburg)
Miss Jennifer Nolan, Registered nurse (Des Plaines)
Miss Brooke Corley, RN (Taunton)
Miss Kristin Lytle, RN (Windsor)
Miss Jennifer Aimo, Scientist (Santa Rosa)
Miss Andrea Corley, Sterile Processing Tech II (Santa Rosa)
Miss Adriana Burruel, (Healdsburg)
Miss Danyan Schnurr, (Healdsburg)
Miss Dena Tunzi, (Petaluma)
Miss Jacqueline Ruiz, (Sebastopol)
Miss Kimberly Hornett, (San Ramon)
Miss Lori Acocella, (Santa Rosa)
Miss Nicole Martin, (Windsor)
Miss Shakirah Wilson, (Forestville)
Mr James Kim, Administrator (Healdsburg)
Mr Erick Ransome, Analyst (Forestville)
Mr Dan Cassat, Business Intelligence Analyst (Santa Rosa)
Mr Andrew DeMaio, Manager (Cortlandt Manor)
Mr Theodore Morris, Manager (Santa Rosa)
Mr Frank Nolan, President (Cloverdale)
Mr Alan Bouverat, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mr Mark Peterson, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mr Michael Martin, RN (Taunton)
Mr Clay Sorrick, Self Employed (Sequim)
Mr Charles Rauch, (Healdsburg)
Mr George Egan, (Placerville)
Mr Robert Markowitz, (Healdsburg)
Mr. Chris Hightower, Access Coordinator (Guerneville)
Mr. Chris Hightower, Access Coordinator (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Joseph Harrington, Administrator (Healdsburg)
Mr. Keith Becker, Administrator (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Keith Hoffman, Administrator (Mahopac)
Mr. Timothy Bradshaw, Administrator (Rochester)
Mr. Michael Handley, Administrator, outpatient (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Brett Stapleton, Civil Engineer - PE (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Serg Hofmann, Client manager (West Chester)
Mr. Britton Townsend, Clinic Manager (Healdsburg)
Mr. Thailer Polly-Guantong, Clinical lab assistant (Healdsburg)
Mr. Meigs Alden, CRNA (South Dennis)
Mr. Ej Neil, Director (Healdsburg)
Mr. Steve Nelson, Director (Sonoma)
Mr. Thomas Gore, Director (Healdsburg)
Mr. Robert Rainwater, Director of Sales & Marketing (Healdsburg)
Mr. Charlie Jurecek, Engineer (Healdsburg)
Mr. Jason Fox, Engineer (Healdsburg)
Mr. Skyler Osborn, Engineer (Healdsburg)
Mr. Humberto Juarez, HR Generalist (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Wayne Fingerman, Investor (Calistoga)
Mr. Pedro Analco, lvn (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Johnny Hargrove, Manager (Cloverdale)
Mr. Joseph Brantley, Manager (Aptos)
Mr. Timothy Polly-Guantong, Manager (Healdsburg)
Mr. Philip G., Medical Assistant (Cloverdale)
Mr. Christopher Neylan, Medical student (New Brunswick)
Mr. Eaon Hamend, Nurse (Champions Gate)
Mr. Reed Durst, Nurse (Chattanooga)
Mr. John Ballon, Owner (Glendale)
Mr. Randall Connors, Owner (Healdsburg)
Mr. Karlos Mendoza, Patient access (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Andrew Jackson, Patient access specialist (Healdsburg)
Mr. Kevin Nguyen, Pharmacist (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Richard Reid, Physician (Alameda)
Mr. Clayton Mauritson, President (Healdsburg)
Mr. Jim Heid, President (Healdsburg)
Mr. Peter Mathieson, President (Pittsburgh)
Mr. Chris Rinaldi, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mr. Gary Graf, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mr. George Engle, Retired (Cloverdale)
Mr. John McKinney, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mr. Kirk Roulston, Retired (Rohnert Park)
Mr. Ralph Shelton, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mr. Wes Brubacher, Retired (Geyserville)
Mr. David Daniels, RN (Healdsburg)
Mr. Jason Arnold, RN (Santa Rosa)
Mr. John Sanchez, RN (San Antonio)
Mr. Kenneth Bollinger, Scientist (Rohnert Park)
Mr. Marouf Emmeng, Scientist (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Paul Kamadulski, Scientist (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Alex Camacho, Self Employed (Healdsburg)
Mr. Lauren Campbell, Stress advantage (Graton)
Mr. Noah Schmidt, Surgical Technologist (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Justin Brown-Woods, Teacher (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Martin Silge, Treasurer (Healdsburg)
Mr. Juan Camacho, Unemployed (Healdsburg)
Mr. James Kennedy, Vice President for Development (New York)
Mr. Michael Gray, x-ray tech (Santa Rosa)
Mr. Daniel Beseda, (West Sacramento)
Mr. David Rodrigues, (Cloverdale)
Mr. Edward Uribe, (Healdsburg)
Mr. Evin McCarthy, (Healdsburg)
Mr. Greg Droman, (Healdsburg)
Mr. Huy Dang, (Santa Monica)
Mr. John Merline, (Healdsburg)
Mr. Kellen Kawahara, (Cotati)
Mr. Max Pousman, (Houston)
Mr. Michael McCurry, (Yorktown)
Mr. Richard Baland, (Healdsburg)
Mr. Robert Gomez, (Healdsburg)
Mr. Roger Quenelle, (Redmond)
Mr. Thomas Dennen, (Santa Rosa)
Mrs Ilse Hernandez, Agent (Santa Rosa)
Mrs Karen Bosworth, Clinical Scientist (Geyserville)
Mrs Kelly Cignarella, Director (Yorktown Heights)
Mrs Julie Cambra, Executive (East Taunton)
Mrs Lauren Layne, Investigator (Healdsburg)
Mrs Lena Sell, Investor (Santa Rosa)
Mrs Karen Sandoval, Manager (Rohnert Park)
Mrs Jennifer Harrison, Mortgage loan officer (Santa Rosa)
Mrs Sarah Jakle, Outreach Director (Los Angeles)
Mrs Deanna Fincher, Owner (Healdsburg)
Mrs Karen Warburton, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs Dolores Hermon, Retired health information manager (Healdsburg)
Mrs Janice Goodrich, Retired RN (Healdsburg)
Mrs Judith Jasko, Retired teacher (Healdsburg)
Mrs Ariel Arnold, RN (Santa Rosa)
Mrs Brenda Mello, RN (Taunton)
Mrs Ericka Hawkins, RN (Chippewa Falls)
Mrs Sherry Bedoya, RN (Dixon)
Mrs Emiliana Dore, (Los Angeles)
Mrs Gwen Marinozzi, (Mill Valley)
Mrs Sandra Pride, (Healdsburg)
Mrs Sophie Phelps, (Healdsburg)
Mrs Stephanie Castillo, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Jessica Diaz, (Cloverdale)
Mrs. Juana Ruiz, Accountant (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Marcella Martinez, Accountant (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Diane Roulston, Administrative Assistant (Rohnert Park)
Mrs. Eugenia Gudino, Administrator (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Kathleen Greenberg, Administrator (Rehoboth)
Mrs. Pamela Drexler, Administrator (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Teresa Camacho, Administrator (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Anita Dooley-Barker, AFF(IL) (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Erin Gore, Board Chair (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Judith Williams, c n a (Rohnert Park)
Mrs. Trudy Brajnikoff, Care Giver/Secretary (Windsor)
Mrs. Samantha Nelson, CEO (Clark)
Mrs. Carol Mulcahy, Certified Medical Assistant (East Taunton)
Mrs. Kelley Barrios, CFO (Rohnert Park)
Mrs. Deborah Sternecker, Clerical Assistant (Petaluma)
Mrs. Erika Gest, Clinical Systems Analyst (Sebastopol)
Mrs. Holly Bidlack Crna, CRNA (Lakeville)
Mrs. Brianna Taylor, Data Analyst (Graton)
Mrs. Teresa Camacho, Director (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Angie Castillo, Er admit (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Abby Neal, Executive (Windsor)
Mrs. Kristina Holloway, Executive (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Alexis Harvey, Farmer (Dixon)
Mrs. Carol Beasley, Farmer (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Vickie Holden, Fiscal Analyst (Forestville)
Mrs. Karen Carpenter, Former patient (Windsor)
Mrs. Anne Muller, Hospital Chaplain, volunteer (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Valerie Williams, Long term Healdsburg Patient (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Maria Cuevas, lvn (Santa Rosa)

Mrs. Beth Berkson, Manager (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Jacqueline Dykstra, Manager (Forestville)
Mrs. Linda Viani, Manager (Geyserville)
Mrs. Tracy Dambrosi, Manager (Petaluma)
Mrs. Jolene Evans, materials tech (Cloverdale)
Mrs. Angela Olsen, Medical Assistant (Cloverdale)
Mrs. Claudia Rodrigues, Medical assistant (Cloverdale)
Mrs. Jacklyn Stra, Medical Assistant (Windsor)
Mrs. Anne Goebel, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Belinda Uribe, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Calei Ruggels, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Cynthia Sabine, Nurse (Bridgewater)
Mrs. Dawn Dutcher, Nurse (Middleboro)
Mrs. Heidi Scott, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Isabel Roman Gallardo, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Jennifer Lyson-Soza, Nurse (Monte Rio)
Mrs. Kate Meland, Nurse (Hidden Valley Lake)
Mrs. Kathleen Napolitan, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Kathy Timbberlake, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Mariane Benetti, Nurse (Fountain Inn)
Mrs. Marisa Bradley, Nurse (Windsor)
Mrs. Tiffany Jimenez, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Isabelle Steffel, Nursing Student (Novato)
Mrs. Angela Jamar, Office Manager (Sebastopol)
Mrs. Sonia Byck-Barwick, Owner (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Stacy Smith, Owner (Juneau)
Mrs. Teri Mendelson, Owner (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Antoinette Kruse, Patient access (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Maria Perez, Patient access (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Monica Castillo, Patient Access (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Olga Ramirez, Patient Access (Windsor)
Mrs. Anjelita De Haro, Patient Access Specialist (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Cristina Rocha, Patient Access Specialist (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Stacey Munoz-Gardea, Patient Care Tech (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Silvia Rodriguez Solorio, pharmacy technician (Windsor)
Mrs. Ella Smith, Physical Therapist (Guerneville)
Mrs. Audrey Darby, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Carol Ann Pretzel, Retired (Thomaston)
Mrs. Carole Upham, Retired (Lady Lake)
Mrs. Christine Bennett, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Christine Ragauskis, Retired (Orland Park)
Mrs. Cindy Nelson, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Cynthia Jacobs, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Jaqui Anthony, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Judith Everett, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Karen Fraire, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Katherine Hofmann, retired (Malvern)
Mrs. Sally Grassi, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Sheila Malvagna, Retired (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Marian Barbieri, Retired from DAí office 2012 (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Lisa Sinclair, Retired Health Care Worker (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Ann Devroy, Retired school teacher (Hastings)
Mrs. Cheryl Clark, Retired Teacher (Cloverdale)
Mrs. Cassandra Dobrev, RN (Scotts Valley)
Mrs. Colleen Tenbrink, RN (Winters)
Mrs. Denise Schmidt, RN (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Heather Lindell-Gutto, RN (Pinole)
Mrs. Laurie Kaemmerling, RN (Hidden Valley Lake)
Mrs. Marilyn Brown, RN (Plymouth)
Mrs. Rosemary Beck, RN (Windsor)
Mrs. Tamara Sullivan, RN (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Clarisse Caywood, Scientist (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Jon-Paul Gallois, Scientist (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Desiree Lopes, Scrub Technician (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Beth Bollinger, Self Employed (Sebastopol)
Mrs. Tessa Lyon, Sterile Processing Lead (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Lori Minaglia, Surgery Schedule Coordinator (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Barbara Beck, Teacher (Northridge)
Mrs. Maggie Gonzalez, Unemployed (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Roberta Jurecek, X-Ray Technologist (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Annemarie Wyllie, (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Anya Lyons, (Guerneville)
Mrs. Beckyhuh Johnson, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Bobette Barnes, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Bonnie Babineau, (Atascadero)
Mrs. Brianne Barsi, (Cloverdale)
Mrs. Bronwen Yanchus, (Sonora)
Mrs. Cecilia Cook, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Donna Thomas, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Erika Contreras, (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Estela Rhode, (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Janet Larson, (Potter Valley)
Mrs. Jennifer Simpson, (Ukiah)
Mrs. Joyce Gilbertson, (Carmichael)
Mrs. Kara Fingerman, (Calistoga)
Mrs. Mary Blaustone, (Windsor)
Mrs. Mary Smiderle, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Maureen Gradek, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Patty Foster, (Cotati)
Mrs. Sasha Cave, (Santa Rosa)
Mrs. Susan Dusterhoft, (Healdsburg)
Mrs. Vivian Swank, (Healdsburg)
ms Suzanne Dow, Accountant (Healdsburg)
Ms Michelle Botelho, Administrator (Rehoboth)
Ms Elizabeth Fowlds, Attorney (Healdsburg)
Ms Laura Casini, Attorney (Malverne)
Ms Katheryn Hodges, Badass (Santa Rosa)
Ms Shannon Gutierrez, Clinical lab assistant (Santa Rosa)
Ms Elizabeth Tumwesigye, CNA (Santa Rosa)
Ms Julie Fellom, Director (San Francisco)
Ms Sarah Slagle, Executive (Healdsburg)
Ms Kathleen Roberts, Executive Assistant (Healdsburg)
Ms Izabella Mrozik, Former Medical Biller (Petaluma)
MS Bridget Lindgraydon, Imaging manager (Cloverdale)
Ms Beth Lavilla, Imaging Supervisor (Petaluma)
Ms Joanne Lind, Lead Patient Services Representative (Lynnwood)
Ms Beatriz Hamilton, Medical assistant (Rohnert Park)
Ms Sharon Pastori, Owner (Cloverdale)
Ms Kelly Stempe, Physical therapist (Santa Rosa)
Ms Maria Meyer, Physician (Healdsburg)
Ms Jackie Richmond, Project Manager (Sebastopol)
Ms Gail Quigley, Registered Nurse (Middleboro)
Ms Kelsey Lee, Registered Nurse (Napa)
Ms Joan Voight, Resident and patient (Healdsburg)
Ms Carol Peterson, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms Maria De Los Santos, Retired (Glendale)
Ms Pam Johnston, Retired (Henrico)
Ms Sheila McGuire, Retired (Evanston)
Ms Susan Hogeland, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms Barbara Dutcher, RN (Santa Rosa)
Ms Bonnie Nolan, Rn (Healdsburg)
Ms Denise Albright, RN (Windsor)
Ms Jeanne Hartlaub, RN (Healdsburg)
Ms Kathleen Ingram, RN (Rohnert Park)
Ms Lilia McGill, RN (Petaluma)
Ms Melanie Elliott-Eller, RN (Graton)
Ms Melanie Martin, RN (Auburn)
Ms Rebecca Brumme, RN (Santa Rosa)
Ms Zoe Zuest-Becker, RN (Santa Rosa)
Ms Christine Johansson, Social Worker (Guerneville)
Ms Jewel Pease, Social Worker (Vancouver)
Ms Joan Rousseau, Social Worker (Healdsburg)
Ms Julie Asaro, Surgical technician (Petaluma)
Ms Mariko Wesley-Fagundes, Teacher (Sebastopol)
Ms Linda Obrien, USNRN (Healdsburg)
Ms Aki Ransome, Woundcare RN (Forestville)
Ms Adele Levin, (Healdsburg)
Ms Cheryl Ricci Kopczynski, (Geyserville)
Ms Delores Weathers, (Santa Rosa)
Ms Em Jay, (Healdsburg)
Ms Hayley Buchbinder, (Los Angeles)
Ms Heather Cheda, (Healdsburg)
Ms Jane Goff, (Taunton)
Ms Lauri Cloud, (Sebastopol)
Ms Natalie Novello, (Healdsburg)
Ms Pamela MacKean, (Healdsburg)
Ms Patricia Cave, (Blackstone)
Ms Sally Headley, (Lexington)
Ms Susan Gumucio, (Santa Rosa)
Ms Terry Sousa, (Dighton)
Ms Victoria Mundy, (Novato)
Ms. Jaycee Hatcher, (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Beth Elder, Accountant (Pasadena)
Ms. Susan Anton-Tracy, Accountant (Healdsburg)
Ms. Ana Buenrostro, Administrator (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Susan Schmid, Administrator (Healdsburg)
Ms. Eileen Alvarez, ADN (Bayside)
Ms. Tausha Feger, Ambassador (San Pablo)
Ms. Beverly Boyd, Analyst (Forestville)
Ms. Liz Peacock, Authorization/Referral Specialist (Healdsburg)
Ms. Kimberly Peterson, Clinical (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Elizabeth Johnson, CLS (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Mia Trachinger, Director (Los Angeles)
Ms. Sue Campbell, Director (Healdsburg)
Ms. Jill Tunzi, ED Tech (Windsor)
Ms. Elizabeth Cannon, Environmental Health Specialist (Eureka)
Ms. Alice Watchorn, ER/Wound Care Tech (Healdsburg)
Ms. Erin Miller, Executive (Burbank)
Ms. Kathryn Safford, Executive (Healdsburg)
Ms. Lynn Finley, Executive (Fort Bragg)
Ms. Melanie Austin, Lab supervisor (Healdsburg)
Ms. Ruth Siegel, Landscape Architect (Los Angeles)
Ms. Cheryl Auger, Manager (Pasadena)
Ms. Chung Li, Manager (Healdsburg)
Ms. Donna Cochran, Manager (Geyserville)
Ms. Jeanine St Julien, Manager (Petaluma)
Ms. Kei Blesch, Manager (Healdsburg)
Ms. Lisa Marino, Manager (Petaluma)
Ms. Lori Picha, Manager (Healdsburg)
Ms. Lynn Samples, Manager (Rohnert Park)
Ms. Nancy Elze, Manager (Cotati)
Ms. Vivian Beaulieu, Manager (Healdsburg)
Ms. Catherine Ward, Mediator (Lakeport)
Ms. Liz Valencia, Medical Assistant (Windsor)
Ms. Shelby Foakes, Medical assistant (Petaluma)
Ms. Tamara Polly, Medical billing and coding (Healdsburg)
Ms. Karen Chestnut, Np (San Luis Obispo)
Ms. Benita Wilson, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Berta Kaemmerling, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Ms. Carole Cole-Wandzilak, Nurse (Windsor)
Ms. Cedonnie Curtis, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Ms. Claudia Trinterud, Nurse (Cotati)
Ms. Debra Lehnhard, Nurse (Middletown)
Ms. Julia King, Nurse (San Pablo)
Ms. Karen Thomas, Nurse (Healdsburg)
Ms. Lisa Ballantyne, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Maurette Foster, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Melanie Walz, Nurse (Windsor)
Ms. Melissa Kirichian, Nurse (Norton)
Ms. Reka Molnar, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Sharon Palmer, Nurse (Graton)
Ms. Tashi Yangzom, Nurse (Rohnert Park)
Ms. Vicki Hull, Nurse (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Cynthia Pereira, Nurse Manager (Middleboro)
Ms. Hanna Scramaglia, Operations Associate (Healdsburg)
Ms. Emily Jane Rosenberg, Owner (Healdsburg)
Ms. Marlowe Allenbright, Owner (Healdsburg)
Ms. Michelle Glaubiger, Owner (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Janet Stapleton, Patient Access (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Randa Sabbagh, Patient access (Sebastopol)
Ms. Margaret Cavanaugh, Pharmacist (Richmond)
Ms. Monique Marcillac, Pharmacist (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Janet Yonescu, Project Manager (East Northport)
Ms. Masumi Obrien, PTA (Ukiah)
Ms. Angela Nuti-Erick, Purchasing / Buyer (Healdsburg)
Ms. Melissa Strathman, Registered Clinical Dietitian (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Ellie Carrillo, Respiratory Care Practitioner (Napa)
Ms. Bobbi Chamberlain, Retired (Geyserville)
Ms. Carol Manley, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Carol Mattice, Retired (Sonoma)
Ms. Cherie Shore, Retired (Los Angeles)
Ms. China Meier, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Christine Berardo, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Gudrun Allenstein, Retired (Redwood Valley)
Ms. Jane Paneitz, retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Jeanne Pellegrini, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Karen Leal, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Marcia Ellis, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Renee Gipson, Retired (Sonoma)
Ms. Sandi De Nuto, Retired (South)
Ms. Sandi Dr Nuto, Retired (San Francisco)
Ms. Tammy Cotter, Retired (Petaluma)
Ms. Zoe Schwartz, Retired (Healdsburg)
Ms. Elizabeth Snedden, Retired Educator (Healdsburg)
Ms. Lynda Brinn, Retiree (Healdsburg)
Ms. Carolyn Feeney, RN (Cloverdale)
Ms. Deena Stapleton, RN (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Diane Bleyhl, RN (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Joan Hilden, RN (Healdsburg)
Ms. Ngawang Lhamo, RN (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Celia Palacio, RN Manager (Healdsburg)
Ms. Phyllis Laraiso, RN- Out Patient Department (Healdsburg)
Ms. Gayda Airth, Self Employed (Calistoga)
Ms. Kerri Gavin, Social Worker (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Rosemarie Newhall, Switchboard operator (Taunton)
Ms. Christine King, Teacher (Los Angeles)
Ms. Elizabeth Vitanza, Teacher (Glendale)
Ms. Kathy Kottaras, Teacher (Glendale)
Ms. Theresa McGill, Teacher (Studio City)
Ms. Anabel Gonzalez, (Occidental)
Ms. Ann Carranza, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Annette Wilson, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Cheryl Felton, (Fair Oaks)
Ms. Claire Connors, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Elise Kalfayan, (Glendale)
Ms. Helen Corkern, (Little Rock)
Ms. Isabella Gardea, (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Janeen Begley, (Forestville)
Ms. Jeanette Perez, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Julie Betts, (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Karla Rosen, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Maria Behan, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Melitzza Martinez, (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Michele Culbertson, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Mona Andrews, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Nora Archambeau, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Patricia Albertson, (Healdsburg)
Ms. Rani Haet, (Santa Rosa)
Ms. Susan Mathison, (West Hollywood)
Ms. Teresa Ramirez, (Cloverdale)
Mx. Wendy Dayton, (Healdsburg)
Rev Jen Hornbeck, Priest (Sebastopol)
Rev Kasey Drady, (Cloverdale)
Rev. Dr.. Diane Bowers, Pastor (Berkeley)
Reverend Trish O'Malley, Reverend (Santa Rosa)
Melissa Ruggieri, Certified Surgical Technologist (Petaluma)
Linda McCabe, Clinical Laboratory Scientist (Windsor)
Flora Barr, Nurse (Novato)
Stacy Swicegood, Office manager (Windsor)
Jennifer Reis, OR Charge RN. (East Bridgewater)
Peter Smiderle, Owner (Healdsburg)
Kelly Sheridan, Patient services supervisor (South San Francisco)
Ann Calilli, RN (Healdsburg)
Debora Pride-Young, RN (Santa Rosa)
Heidi Campbell, RN (Windsor)
Pritam Lama, RN (Rohnert Park)
Sarah Coveney, RN (Falmouth)
Barbara Nash, (Healdsburg)
Braden Bahr, (Healdsburg)
Brenda Villalpando, (Healdsburg)
Darlene Ortner, (Santa Rosa)
Donna McCoy, (Tualatin)
Gary Rulli, (San Rafael)
Gary Young, (Santa Rosa)
Ginny Starvish, (Berkley)
Jacqueline Anderson, (Santa Rosa)
James Hoye, (Dighton)
Jennifer Sanfilippo, (Foster City)
John Ruggieri, (Petaluma)
Josef Morphis, (Santa Rosa)
Judy Drummond, (Santa Rosa)
Kathleen Caldwell, (Penngrove)

Kelly Hoye, (Dighton)
Kelly Meier, (Cloverdale)
Laurie Pousman, (Healdsburg)
Lewis Sbrana, (Healdsburg)
Marie-B Miller, (Little Rock)
Mark Poulsen, (San Jose)
Martha Ramirez, (Santa Rosa)
Merlene Gift, (Santa Rosa)
Mildred Steensma, (Healdsburg)
Scott Nevin, (Santa Rosa)
Sean Morley, (Woodbridge)
Shelli Sullivan, (Healdsburg)
Tara Darling, (East Taunton)
Terrie Jarry, (Somerset)
Vikki Jarrett, (Santa Rosa)